REM Media was created by Founder & CEO Mike McCormick with the view to help Real Estate & Mortgage Brokers utilize the Agile Marketing Strategies that have helped Fortune 100 Companies like Disney, Microsoft, and IBM as well as thousands of business owners across the world grow their companies more quickly and efficiently than ever before. We want to take away the stress and overwhelm most businesses face when having to market themselves and their business assets, and also take away the anxiety of not knowing where the next client is coming from each month. 


Our team of marketing experts offer our clients industry-leading data-driven marketing services that help businesses better understand their audience and maximize their results. They use advanced marketing strategies that combine data intelligence (behavioral data, demographic data, psychographic, and transactional data) to ensure we only target those who are in the market for your services now - the Top 3%. Your brand is then positioned with the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

This is achieved by not only increasing pipeline lead volumes using Agile Marketing Solutions, but also ensuring the leads that are coming into the pipeline are in-market to buy or sell their home now. We help optimize our clients sales team productivity and results by implementing our industry leading communications management platform (CMP). This CMP is used to help Brokers increase their team's productivity and be able to hold everyone accountable to their daily tasks and sales targets. We are now helping business owners get set up and integrated with this software so they can effectively manage their sales teams that are now working remotely.

But it's not only about marketing your business, as that's only half the battle. Without the appropriate  follow up systems in place, marketing efforts will be wasted and inefficient. That's why at REM Media we turn those leads into booked appointments by using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to turn 60% of your leads into appointments in your calendar, to give you the best chance of converting them into revenue. Using our processes, in 90 days you can minimize your marketing waste significantly by up to 75%.

At REM Media we like to build strong relationships with our clients in order to really understand their needs before putting in place a business growth strategy. Each business is different, and each business has different goals and a different vision for what it is they want to achieve. It is the role of our team to help our clients achieve these ambitions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By focusing our attention on working with our clients on their sales and marketing simultaneously, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses answer the most important question for growth;

"What does it cost to acquire a customer or client?"