By focusing our attention on working with our clients on their brand, sales, and marketing simultaneously, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses answer the most important question for growth; 

"What does it cost to acquire a customer or client?"

We offer a broad spectrum of services that allow our clients to let go of the time-consuming task of trying to keep their pipeline's full of in-market buyers and generate new listings. We are able to help Brokers keep the full GCI of each transaction, without having to split it with a buyers agent or listing agent, because we can generate both buyers and sellers who are ready to buy or sell right now. To do this, we offer the following services:

  • Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

  • Big Data Targeting

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • AI Appointment Setting

  • Data Intelligence 

  • End-to-End Pipeline Growth Systems

More recently, we have been helping companies with large sales teams transition into managing their remote sales teams from home. Since adopting our software and strategies, clients have been able to maximize their sales team's results by increasing their productivity. One of the main reasons for this is our follow up 'No Show' campaigns; once set up, clients have been able to re-engage up to 70% of prospects who didn't initially turn up to their call or scheduled appointment.

Using proprietary systems, we are able to pinpoint the top 3% of the market who are in the market ready to buy now. To do this we use AI, Data Intelligence & Machine Learning to pinpoint people who are actively in the market searching for your services now in real time & then we market directly to those people everywhere they go. We also fill the cracks for you by building back-end systems that you can use to achieve 55% to 70%+ response rates. Using our processes, in 90 days you can minimize your marketing waste significantly by up to 75%.

We sit down with our clients to better understand their business goals and desires, and we get an understanding of what is working well in their business and what's not, identifying the key areas of focus to help generate growth. If needed, we outline all of this in a detailed Road Map, and set about helping our clients achieve their goals using this growth plan..

We give you the ability to determine who your ideal customer is, and once you identify your ideal customers needs and behaviors you can leverage this information, and some internet marketing techniques, to find your cost of acquiring a new customer. This number is crucial to any business truly focused on growth and scale.