Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Real Estate professionals with the services and support they need to aid their businesses growth, whilst simultaneously freeing up their time to do the things they love.

We help our clients become the #1 go to Real Estate professionals in their area, streamline their sales and marketing processes, and increase the predictability of where the next deal is coming from.

We calculate all economic indicators and understand feasibility of advertising campaign

REM Media

From humble beginnings we have blossomed into a full-service business growth consultancy and digital marketing agency. Although we have ambitions to grow exponentially and expand significantly over the coming years, we will always stick to the same core values that helped us cater to our customers' needs from day one. We now offer an end-to-end business growth solution, so we're confident we can help you in whichever area you need help with.

At REM Media we like to build strong relationships with our clients in order to really understand their needs before putting in place a business growth strategy. Each business is different, and each business has different goals and a different vision for what it is they want to achieve. It is the role of our team to help our clients achieve these ambitions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We want to take away the stress and overwhelm most businesses face when having to market themselves and their business assets, and also take away the anxiety of not knowing where the next client is coming from each month.

We strive to provide effective marketing and business growth strategies to Real Estate companies that range in a variety of sizes. Regardless of your business, there's always room for sales & marketing services and business growth. Allow us to surge the presence of your brand through web design, reputation management, search optimization, and ad campaigns. We offer proven digital marketing solutions, and we'll continue to do so, so get started today!

Grow your business while creating more time for yourself by automating your pipeline growth

At REM Media we take leads and turn them into new clients, while you’re busy taking care of your existing clients.

We pick up where lead generation systems and other marketing agencies leave off.

The return on your marketing $$ multiplies and your business grows!

Follow Our Three Pillar Growth System to Build

Your Real Estate Business

Interest & Awareness

Do you stand out where your prospective clients are making decisions? What is your marketing strategy?

Search Presence

Do you know how findable your business is online? What's your average review score?

Conversion & Scaling

Are you turning leads into sales at an optimal level? Are leads slipping through the cracks?

Interest & Awareness

Data-Driven Marketing, PPC, Social Media

We are revolutionizing the relationship between data, marketing, and sales. We combine predictive behavioral targeting, big data, innovative ads, and designed a predictive communication tool to close the gap following an award-winning agile marketing approach. Converting prospects into customers is more cost-effective with REM Media.

Successful Satisfied

Projects Customers

Search Presence

Reviews, Referrals, and Ranking on Google

We help you show up in the most trusted places your customers go to find your services, ensure you have rock star reviews and a referral system in place that will generate you new business on autopilot, and get you ranked in the top three of Page 1 on Google in your local area, guaranteed.

Conversion & Scaling

Lead Nurturing, Appointment Setting, Automation

Get your business to the next level with our industry leading platform with built in systems that enables your business to nurture leads and ultimately increase conversion rates without having to add more staff to your team. Implement an automated sales system that works for you 24/7 so you can focus on the clients you already have.

We use automations, conversational AI appointment setting, and live human lead nurturing and appointment setting. No more chasing leads, just show up to your booked appointments with warm qualified prospective clients.

  • One easy-to-learn platform
  • All your communication in one place
  • Smart Automation Campaigns
  • AI-Driven Communication & Appointment Setting
  • Live Lead Nurture & Human Appointment Setting

Our Business Growth Solutions

Web Development & Funnel Build

Get a brand-new site or revamp an old one and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge design. Our team will work with you to build out a custom funnel that converts your marketing into clients.

Reviews & Referrals

Generate powerful first-party reviews for your business and automatically display your best reviews. Built in referral campaigns to get people actively referring your business without spending any money on advertising.

Search Optimization

Our ongoing maintenance increases your ranking and helps you outperform your competitors by making you the go-to choice for your ideal prospects that are searching for your service. This can be the turning point to help maximize the search exposure of your company.

Data-Driven Advertising

Target your services at the people who are actively looking for what you have to offer. Put your message in front of people who are in the market actively looking for your services right now. Our industry-leading data marketing services help you better understand your audience and maximize results.

PPC and Social Media Marketing & Management

Advertise directly to your target market through Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Google and YouTube. Make your social media channels come to life; we create unique content that will help rank your website higher and attract more visitors.

Live Lead Nurture & Conversion

We utilize lead nurture automations, conversational AI technology, and a human response team to book appointments directly into your calendar. All leads will be managed with a goal of getting them scheduled for an appointment, whether phone, virtual or in-person.

An Extension of Your Team

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